Gary Holt & Associates P.A.

Frequently Asked Questions


Gary Holt & Associates prides itself on being open and honest with its clients at all times. Part of this open and honest relationship is setting realistic expectations and addressing frequently asked questions from the outset.

Q: How much will your representation cost me?

A: We’ll win your case for you or you don’t owe us a dime!

Q: How much money will I get when you win my case?

A: We can’t promise you an outcome, but we can promise you a hard-fought battle. We don’t decide when to go to trial or when to settle for a certain amount of money—that’s up to you, the client. We can only advise you based on our 40 years of experience.

Q: How long will my case take?

A: Every case and every client is different. Sometimes we can settle swiftly and sometimes cases take longer; this is dependent upon the following factors:

  1. the client’s extent of injury,
  2. whether the liability in the case is clear,
  3.  client expectations, and
  4. court’s docket.